2020 Superconference Bidding

2020 Superconference Pre-Bid Questionnaire

  • This form is being utilized to gather basic information crucial in determining a DMO's ability to host the 2020 Superconference hosted by AGLOW and SEOPA. Please answer each question fully so that we can give your destination and facilities our utmost consideration as a potential host.
  • We hope to attract outdoors communicators and industry representatives from the entire country. We anticipate a minimum total attendance of 300 and will put forth every effort to exceed that number. Depending upon the final agenda, the conference will include the purchase of at least six (6) meals and as many as nine (9).
  • Thank you!
  • Have you ever attended an Outdoor Communicators conference similar to AGLOW or SEOPA's? (OWAA, TOWA, FOWA, POMA, etc.)
  • Meeting space, including setup, tables, chairs, linens and A/V is to be provided at no charge. Is the proposed facility willing to agree to this arrangement?
  • Are you willing and able to provide and manage at no charge a variety of pre- and post-conference trips for media members seeking story material? If so, please list a few examples:
  • Many of our members are accompanied to conferences by their spouses. Are you willing and able to provide and host spouses on tours of local areas of interest similar to those depicted in descriptions provided on the 2020 Superconference main page?
  • It is customary for the host state, region and/or facility to provide a complimentary opening night hospitality hour, dinner and entertainment. Past examples include barbecues with bluegrass music, riverboat cruises, etc. These festivities are usually held at a location unique to the area: a special museum, a park, etc. Please provide a brief description of your proposed opening night event:
  • This is a unique conference requiring some very specific venues and amenities as follows:
  • Breakout Day - This is an informal trade fair where corporate representatives explain their products and services to outdoor journalists. Ideally, this takes place in a park-like outdoor area with shelter (or permission to stake tents) for product displays, tables and chairs for displays, restrooms, electricity, picnic tables and chairs for dining. A lake is also desirable for boat and fishing tackle demonstrations. The Breakout site should be a relatively short distance from lodging facilities.
  • Shooting Day - As a prospective host, it is imperative that you be able to provide access to a shooting facility that will accommodate shotguns, blackpowder firearms, handguns up to and including .44 magnum and rifles up to and including .50 caliber. The ideal location will feature trap and skeet shooting ranges and a separate firearms range that will handle the blackpowder guns and handguns. An adjacent area that can be used for archery would be ideal, as well. Private property is preferred.
  • Transportation to the Opening Night Event, Breakout Day, Shooting Day, Spouse Tours and any other off-site venues is required of the host.
  • Please confirm your understanding of the basic requirements of the 2020 Superconference.
  • Thank you for your interesting in hosting the 2020 Superconference.