2020 Superconference – Envision the Future of Outdoors Communications


ATTENTION INTERESTED BIDDERS:  Please read before completing the preliminary questionnaire.


The Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA) and the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) are joining forces to produce a meeting of outdoor communicators and industry representatives from all across the country. The Superconference will take place in September or October of 2020 in a yet-to-be-determined location.

“Currently, AGLOW conducts a conference each September and SEOPA members meet in October,” SEOPA President David Hawkins said. “Other state, regional and national groups have meetings throughout the year, but AGLOW and SEOPA are in a unique position to create what could be the largest conclave of its type in decades.”

The 2020 Superconference will be co-hosted and organized by AGLOW and SEOPA, and managed by the Outdoor Journalist Education Foundation of America (OJEFA). Members from a pre-determined list of recognized outdoors communicator groups are eligible to attend.

“Approximately 25 national, regional, and state groups exist to serve the needs of outdoors communicators and allied corporations,” said Lisa Snuggs, executive director of the SEOPA and CEO of OJEFA, “The late Mike Walker, a long-time outdoor marketing professional, envisioned a Superconference as just one way groups could join forces to tackle tough issues and plan for a strong future.”

“All organizations go through cycles of growth and decline based on changes in technology, philosophy, etc.,” AGLOW President Brandon Butler said, “but groups rooted in traditional outdoor pastimes like fishing and hunting face challenges connected to access (lack thereof), politics, the economy, lost heritage, and other factors unique to our members. Working together can only make things better for the future of outdoor recreation and communications.”

AGLOW Executive Director Mark Smith said, “The AGLOW board of directors and I are excited at the prospect of planning a joint conference with our brothers and sisters in outdoor communication from SEOPA. Combined, our organizations have more than 110 years of experiencing providing a platform for outdoor communicators to network and improve their craft.  The 2020 Superconference will provide an environment for the most talented and wonderful folks in the business to meet and network. This is long overdue and a huge debt of gratitude is owed to Lisa Snuggs, executive director of SEOPA, for bringing the two groups together.”

The 2020 Superconference committee hopes to foster cooperation, education, and industry-wide forecasting for all parties involved in communicating about the outdoors. A preliminary conference bidder questionnaire is available at the link below. For more information contact Lisa Snuggs at 704-986-7614 or by e-mail at lisa@seopa.org.

2020 SUPERCONFERENCE Pre-Bid Questionnaire