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First Glance: 2015 International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST)

22 Jul
ICAST photos-2

Orlando, Florida—More than 500 companies displayed their 2016-sportfishing products. Walking thru the ICAST isles, under the bright lights in the big city, I questioned if all that glittered was gold. Hidden amongst all the items showcased, it is certain there was a real gem or two. But can they solve an angler’s blues? As much…

What A Job

26 Aug
The 2014 FLW Forrest Cup
Photo by David Nathanial Findley

COLUMBIA, S.C. – “What a job” is the title of a rap song. For those who have heard it, most will credit the song, by voice recognition, to their favorite rapper. However, the song belongs to the rapper your favorite rapper listens to. Who is he? “Devin the Dude”—a simple name for a humble storyteller…