Chuck Buckley Award

CHUCK+BUCKLEY2bwEstablished in 1989, the Special Friends Award is bestowed upon those who contribute to conservation and outdoor issues, act as mentors, or offer any other outstanding contribution to SEOPA. The award was renamed the Chuck Buckley Special Friends Award to honor Buckley’s long-time devotion to SEOPA as tax advisor.


1996 – *Donald W. Pfitzer, Lithonia, Ga.

2000 – *C.F. (Chuck) Buckley, Alexandria, La.

2001 – Susann Hamlin, Tuscumbia, Ala.

2008 – Theresa Sutton, Alexander, Ark.

2010 – Pat McHugh, Billerica, Mass.

2011 – Ann Casada, Rock Hill, S.C.

2015 – Pam Swanner, Montgomery, Ala.


deceased (*)     honorary (italics)