Dave Meredith Award

Mr DaveFirst-time SEOPA conference goers wear green ribbons on their badges to indicate to others that it’s their inaugural attendance. Each year, the SEOPA board of directors chooses one of them who exhibits extraordinary enthusiasm for all things SEOPA to be honored with what was originally called the Green Ribbon Award.

In 2007, the board changed the award to the Dave Meredith Award to honor its namesake who always went out of his way to make newcomers feel welcome.  It has since become one of the most revered recognitions bestowed upon SEOPA members.

Chances are good that if you attended one or more SEOPA conferences since the mid-1990s, you met Dave Meredith. If so, count yourself fortunate, and know his kindness toward you was sincere.

Dave passed away Tuesday, January 24, 2012, following a long battle with cancer. He will always be remembered as a loving father, a devoted grandfather, a caring friend and a selfless mentor.

As public relations manager for BPI Brands, Dave introduced countless people to the world of blackpowder shooting. He had a special fondness for members of the outdoor press. In fact, by prepaying BPI’s SEOPA corporate membership dues through 2014, Dave ensured the relationship between his longtime associates at both entities would not fall through the cracks as each transitioned into a future without him. That’s just the kind of man Dave was – always thinking of others and always working for the good of shooting sports.

DaveMeredithOriginalDave Meredith Award Recipients

  • 2007 – Kathy Barker
  • 2008 – Lisa Metheny
  • 2009 – Brad Wiegmann
  • 2010 – Ken Cook
  • 2011 – Bryce Butner
  • 2012 – Josh Wolfe
  • 2013 – Whitney Woodrick
  • 2014 – Thomas MacAuley
  • 2015 – McLane McGuire
  • 2016 – Kevin Michalowski
  • 2017 – Deneshia and David Larson