New Tennessee Record Largemouth a “Mere Formality”

18 Feb

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Regional Biologist Mike Jolley says they have examined Gabe Keen’s pending record largemouth bass (15 lbs. 3 ozs.) caught on Chickamauga Lake near Chattanooga on Friday, Feb. 13.

Jolley said, “All went well and I signed the certificate which will go to Nashville for the Chief of Fisheries Bobby Wilson to sign. We are very excited for Gabe.”

Wilson said, “Me signing the record certificate is merely a formality.  We have all the information we need to declare it the new state record.  We are going to send the fin clip off for genetic determination but it will make no difference in the record.”

Once signed, Keen’s catch will have broken a record set nearly 60 years ago.

Click above for the full raw interview with the Dayton, Tenn. native about his catch, and newly-released video of the monster bass.

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