OJEFA Announces Recipient of 2013 Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award

18 Jul

The Outdoor Journalist Education Foundation of America (OJEFA) has selected Nathaniel Samsel to receive the third annual Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award. Samsel is the son of Jeff Samsel, a longtime member and past president of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA).

The younger Samsel was very excited to learn he would be attending the SEOPA conference this fall in Lake Charles, La. He said, “I have heard so many good things about past SEOPA conferences held at Lake Charles, and I can’t wait to experience that for myself! I think there are a lot of ways I will benefit from the conference, but probably the thing that I see myself benefiting from the most is the opportunity to meet and build relationships with so many people in the industry.”

In addition having a love of writing, photography and video production, Nathaniel Samsel, recipient of the 2013 Lindsay Sale-Tinney award, is a passionate and talented angler.

In addition having a love of writing, photography and video production, Nathaniel Samsel, recipient of the 2013 Lindsay Sale-Tinney award, is a passionate and talented angler.

Samsel is not a stranger to SEOPA or the annual conferences. He has been a student member of SEOPA since 2011 and has been a full participant at two previous conferences and also visited another several years ago when his father was a corporate representative.

At only 15 years of age, Samsel has already seen his work appear in two publications. He also maintains two blogs, one on the outdoors and one on music. He also has a YouTube channel where he offers instructional fishing videos.

Samsel is also making quite an impression in the field of music. Along with his music blog, he has been published in Dulcimer Player News and has released a music CD. He primary plays mountain dulcimer and guitar. In 2011, at age 12, Samsel won the Southern Regional Mountain Dulcimer Championship.

OJEFA Committee Chairman Paul Moore said, “Nathaniel is a very intelligent and personable young man. It has been a pleasure seeing him involved with SEOPA and outdoor media. He has already built quite a resume and seems destined to follow in the footsteps of his father’s prolific media career. Attending the conference this fall should provide another stepping stone toward a very bright future.”

The scholarship provides registration, lodging and up to $750 toward travel expenses for Samsel to attend the 2013 SEOPA conference in Lake Charles in October. Longtime SEOPA members will mentor Samsel throughout the conference to ensure his experience is educational, fun and productive.

Stu Tinney, founder of the original Striper magazine and tournament series, is the benefactor of the Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award named in honor of his late wife. He will make a presentation to Samsel during the SEOPA Annual Awards banquet at the conference.

“The SEOPA conference provides a super venue for networking, learning and enjoying fellowship with like-minded individuals,” Tinney said. “I can’t imagine a more fitting tribute to Lindsay than to send young outdoor communicators to a SEOPA conference.”

OJEFA, the educational arm of SEOPA, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and support of outdoor journalists and their efforts to promote the wise and ethical use of our wildlife and natural resources.

Visit Nathaniel’s blog at http://nathanielsamseloutdoors.blogspot.com/

For more information about OJEFA scholarships, click here or contact Lisa Snuggs at the SEOPA-OJFEA office via e-mail at lisa@seopa.org or by calling 704-984-4700.


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  1. drainer
    David Rainer July 21, 2013 at 2:12 pm #

    Congratulations Nathaniel! A well-deserved award for a fine young man.