Perrotte Makes Good on Threat to Create Blog Site

30 Nov

Ken Perrotte with a Saskatchewan pike. Photo by Chad Schearer.

(KING GEORGE, VA.) – Nov. 30, 2017 – After more than a decade of threatening to create some sort of web/blog/lifestyle site for the internet, longtime (read – getting old) outdoors writer and photographer Ken Perrotte has pushed the launch button.

                  The Outdoors Rambler with Ken Perrotte ( fired up Nov. 29, 2017, amid a flurry of Facebook and direct email notifications. In a whirlwind two hours, Perrotte’s accompanying Outdoors Rambler Facebook page amassed more than 150 “Likes.” Reporters are attempting to contact Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to see if this may be some sort of record for the social media giant.

                  Perrotte said many outdoors industry friends and business associates suggested for years that he come up with a website, noting he created content across many genres. Building a site with a one-stop-shopping feel might be beneficial. His usual retort was apparently stolen from a Beatles’ song. “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Typically followed by, “One of these days,” another apparent lyrical lift.

                  He said he named the site “Outdoors Rambler” because, after more than three decades traversing the country and globe with the military coupled with freelance writing excursions, he’s done a fair amount of rambling. Plus, the domain name was available as a .com.

                  The site serves up a smorgasbord, with hunting & fishing, travel & destination, food & drink, gear reviews, a local Virginia/Maryland scene page and more. He also is working on a section where kid-friendly content is served, predicting the page dedicated to his Boykin spaniel puppy Jameson (yep, after the Irish whiskey) could become a favorite.

                  Look for more videos once he figures out high-speed wi-fi. All the social media “experts” say video is a must.

                  Perrotte thanked his friends in the outdoors industry for their support and advice, stating, “Visit the site. If you like it, let me know and maybe share it with your friends. If you don’t like it, let me know why and how I might make it better.”

                  Perrotte has been a SEOPA member for more than 20 years and is a past board member. He’s the outdoors columnist for the Fredericksburg (Va.) Free Lance-Star, conservation field editor for NWTF and Turkey Country magazine, outdoors writer for the Military Times Media Group and wild game cooking columnist for Virginia Wildlife magazine. With a couple thousand published articles, his work has appeared in more than a dozen magazines.

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