Surviving the Deep Freeze

02 Nov

Kenny Markanich
Capital Sportsman

Kenny Markanich of Capital Sportsman attended his first SEOPA conference at Kentucky Dam Village in October and enjoyed it immensely, personally and professionally. He is eager to get to know SEOPA members better has asked that we share the Capital Sportsman blog link on our website as a step in that direction. Sign up for the blog and be on the lookout for a special offer directly from Kenny in the near future. 

A portion of all of all purchases with Capital Sportsman goes to preserving the outdoors so not only will you get the clothing to enjoy the great outdoors, you will be ensuring there is a great outdoors to enjoy. Capital Sportsman advocates for the conservation of wetlands and associated upland habitats for waterfowl, other wildlife, and people by donating 5 percent of your Capital Sportsman purchase to organizations, such as Ducks Unlimited, that support wildlife and the outdoors.

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